Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another lifedrawing class

Hey there,
I saw the new hulk movie yesterday, at first i was like hmm this is probably not gonna be great, but I actually liked the movie, it was way better than the first in my opinion.

Alrighty so more lifedrawing

Here is a 1 hour pose of carla

And then we were doing 15 min poses , but i decided to caricature them a bit and make them a bit more cartoony

AND I NEED YOUR HELP :D, Can anyone tell me how I can post an image that people can click on to enlarge??



adrian said...

Carla's head is HUGE! haha, kinda funny.

and if theres no enlargement, it means the picture is that size already, scan w/ higher dpi and select the image size you want when posting.

Elizabeth said...

LOl i know i noticed that too :P ah well her body was also twisted weird ;) so ill leave it at that, but watev lolllll yeahhhhh bigass head :P