Sunday, February 28, 2010

oodles of fun

Hey there peeps,

just a little doodle to keep up the liveliness here!

not much happening apart from film work, Chugging away !!

Till next time!


Joseph said...

Eleizabeth, your work looks really great! Keep it up and stick with it. Never give up and you will have an incredible, animated life journey!

Cassie said...

Haha, you drew our child of wedlock! <3

Mike Terry said...

Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for the comment. I love your style. And your backgrounds! Sweetness!

Rob said...

Hey :) Thank you for your comment! You have a great variety in your work, I too love the backgrounds!

Dam Ferreira said...

simply wonderful!!

Nei Lima said...

Hi, Liz!
I saw your draws and I loved!
Are adorables!


Best wishes!

Glen Batoca said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Your work is really nice!

Glen Batoca said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Thank you for your visit and your comment! Do not have necessary to translate their comments.I like your work too!
All the best to you!

Guto Respi said...


Great works!!
Very nice!


C.Deboda said...

Lookin' good! Keep chugging...

Daniel Gnattali said...

Hello, you've some great work here, these characters are nearly moving! This animation stuff should work ;D congratulations!

kanishk said...

I too love the backgrounds!

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