Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey there, Havent uploaded anything since christmas but i thought i should... or maybe my friend Adrian told me I should. loll :P
So im going to try and keep this account a little more active, posting animations and sketches i do, basically anyting really. So I thought I would kick it off with this.

RIght so i thought i would put up  a few drawings i did for class. 
So first there is this layout i did for Animation class for our ballon ball and cannon ball assignements 
This one was my final layout for my Design class. Its a room with a personality. Basically we had to do either a bedroom or a living room and had to give it some character. Mine is an art loving antiquy person. The lines look a little crooked dono what my scanner did but they are all pretty vertical and stuff in real. Ah welll
ANnddd here is my Anijam I did these past 2 weeks for animation class

1 comment:

adrian said...

go blogging! ....even tho, i havnt in a while....

but ya, i told you in class, yr anajam is good, crazy multi-image shake especially.

keep posting!