Sunday, May 18, 2008

Omg a post!

Hey there, so summer is here and I have lots of time to
 draw so i'm trying to make the most of it.Im supposed to be working but since i work on a t
rain and there is a little problem with it for the moment, im off until further notice... which kinda sucks but watev!

ummm yeah so news... well I passed my first year of Animation so im really stoked about that! :D
Second year here I come!!!! I really love the animation course so yeahh youpi :P

Alright so here are some lifedrawings ( some are crook
ed but my computer wont let me fix that without chopping a big bit of the drawing
 off) , I go to lifedrawing workshops every frid
ay night, mucho fun! so some are 15 min sketches and the more detailed ones are 1 hour poses, all unfinished sadly :P. There is a tree... duhh and a little doodle of a cat and a cartoon version of me, same as the character in the title of the blog! So yeahhhhh :P

Nehooo here you go

An here is my animation final:P
there ya go

Untitled from Liz Lap on Vimeo.


adrian said...

all right! liz is blogging again. i had lost some hope but ill put you back on my link list.

keep the posts coming!

ps. i like how your caricature has a strong S curve haha

saindonienne said...

With today's digital animation focused more on surface details, things like weight and gravity are easily forgotten. This is why I really appreciate this type of animation. Yay, weight in movement! (says the musician who know nothing of animation)

Elizabeth said...

thanks M-C, :P lol