Saturday, October 24, 2009

Older stuff but its a post

Alright so its been a long while since ive updated, sorry about that, school is pretty darn busy but i thought id post some stuff i hadnt put up here yet.

This is some lifedrawings I did last year.
Gestures in life drawing, mix skeletal and muscle.
My haunted house assignment.
My pan assignment.
School is going good, working on my third year film , i think i might post some of that on here later.

Hope everyones doing good
have a week.


Mike said...

Great stuff lizzie!
I like your one lines! and its about damn time you posted something on here! :P
Whats your film about? It better be the highlight of this years showcase, or you're out of the family!!!

Mike said...

oh, and "egg-salad" hand studies too!

Elizabeth said...

My story is about this little koala who is hungry and tries to get food. Tsss Though cannot banish me , oh and wtf does egg salad hand studies mean. LOL

Thanks I liked doing the one lines

Trent Correy said...

Everything is awesomeness, sweeto gestures!
Pan is freak'n incredible!!!
Nice work Liz, I hope the films going well!
Mentors going pretty good thus far!

Remy Rodrigues said...

Yeah Liz, the pan looks really good! We started ours, hopefully it can look as good as yours. Great details

Christina C said...

Pan looks so good! What kind of photos did you use for reference?

Collin Tsandilis said...

need a higher res of the pan :D

Jose Ramos said...

I like "My haunted house" a lot , it´s my favourite draw.

Gerald de Dios said...

Very nice studies!