Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hey there, so heres a little doodle I ended up painting.
Merry Christmas to all! Will be posting more during the vacation now that I have some time.


Mike said...

Lizbot!!! you're reaaaallly progressing here!! I like it! wicked head construction on the girl! and I like the painting styles. ALSO. You're title block thingy is awesomecool too! I like the drooping ball bouncing and falling off the screen. :)
Now, I would like a sandwich please. :P

Jose Ramos said...

Merry Christmas for you too Elizabeth , i dont watch your blog a long time .!
.You have a lot of awesome stuff,

See u soon!

Anonymous said...

Yé style super!!!

Là je veux vraiment suivre le cours à Algonquin! (As if, life's not bringing me in that direction, mais on peut toujours rêver!)

C'est ta dernière année, right? Est-ce que de là débouche des contrats extérieurs?

Elizabeth said...

ouais ma dernière année, , bah à la fin de l'année on a un open house et les studios des environs engage souvent à cette soirée là. Mais ouais ya plusieurs studios à ottawa donc en espèrant on va voir ce qui va arriver :)!

Twice said...

wow. i just found you. you have alot of reaaaally nice work. ill be checking back for more :)

Jules Jr Cherubin said...

this looks great :) keep it up Liz