Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy new years

This is a Pinup I drew a while back and since i've had the flu for quite a few days now I've been out of comission , so I thought I would upload something at least. Theres a few problems with it I might go and fix later, slap a piece of paper over top and adjust but for now heres my doodle, added colour on photoshop.

Happy new year to everyone, hope 2010 is nice to you!


Francesco Malin said...

Elizabeth very good, I really like your work, and we'll gladly add you continue to follow!

pbcbstudios said...

very cool!

Jose Ramos said...

sEXY COOL PIN UP Eli , i like her so much.
.I wish you paint her soon

happy new year too!

Sketch blog said...

Liz it's all looking great, your characters are starting to have a really nice distinctive style to them!!! It must be all that drawing you're doing!
GOod luck this term, kick some ass, I can't wait to see that cute Koala animation!

Oscar Rosales said...

Nice Blog!

Elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!

Jose Ramos said...

she´s very cool!